I work intuitively in my artistic practice, which produces abstract works that arise from the inspiration of the moment.

Even as a small child, I was fascinated by the world of pictures. At that age, it was still mainly comics and comic heroes. Soon I practised bringing colourful heroes to the page myself. At school, my enthusiasm for drawing and painting disappeared a little more with every tree and flower I had to produce on paper. And thus my passion for pictures disappeared for many years. One day, as chance would have it, I was visiting some people I knew and discovered the fantastic pictures they had painted. I was able to watch them work over their shoulder a little, and my fascination was reawakened. I had barely gotten home when I rushed back out to the shops, and my first pictures followed soon after. Since this encounter with artists, art has become a part of my life. After a recent long pause for personal reasons, my girlfriend discovered my pictures behind my cupboard and encouraged me to begin painting again. My enthusiasm was quickly triggered again, and since that time I have been painting whenever I can.