Imagination knows only one limit, that which it sets for itself.

Acrylic paints, various putties and charcoal have proven themselves to be the ideal main materials for my spontaneous and intuitive style of working. Thanks to their high tension and strength, canvas backgrounds allow thick layers and vigorous application, also with a palette knife.

Working at speed allows me to fully immerse and submerge in the world of colours and shapes. Abstraction and playing with colours are my passions when it comes to art (and have been since I first started painting). My style is characterised by long, even, curved strokes that make my works easy to recognise. I express feelings and emotions from the pit of the stomach. The characteristics of the rough and uneven base surfaces highlight and support the abstract style. Bold colours people know from the pop art scene catch the eye with their brightness, and the interplay between them means new details are always emerging. In highlighting details lies another point of abstraction, such as with the big eyes of American painter Margaret D. H. Keane’s earlier works. This style can also be seen in female manga figures.

Art CV

2005 – Began painting (self-taught), inspiration Felizia Wolf
2005 – Various sculptural works
2006 – Course in abstract painting (Adult Education Centre)
2007 – Drawing course with Peter Schrittwieser (Graz)
2007 – Art project at “C’est la vie” (Graz)
2008 – Painting course in Graz area for children and young people
2009 – Artistic break (personal reasons)
2016 – Began painting again thanks to fresh inspiration
2017 – Various design and painting works
Long-term exhibition at Graz University of Technology
Exhibition and opening at “Bar Lounge MELS” (Graz)
Exhibition and opening at “LA VITA” (Graz)
Exhibition and opening at “NAIL BOUTIQUE” (Zurich)
2018 – Various design and painting works
Opening at Alegri AG in Glattpark (CH)
Exhibition and opening at Hotel-Gasthof LÖWEN (Vaduz – Liechtenstein)
Exhibition and opening at Galerie Lindenhof – (Zurich)
2019 – Various design and painting works
Course in portrait painting with Barbara Ellmerer (Zurich)
Exhibition and opening at Kellergalerie (Zurich)
Exhibition on Wopart – (Lugano)
2020 – Various design and painting works
Drawing course with Andreas Frei (Zurich)