The sketch reveals one’s talent,
and the execution reveals one’s true art.

Marie von Ebner Eschenbach

My design method is much like that of Walt Disney, who had a sofa set up in each one of his offices, to give his employees the chance for ideas to form in their minds. Then the next step was the drawing board – for me it’s the sketch book – to put ideas on paper. Finally, it’s about giving the object a form and, as in this so-called “Walt Disney strategy”, reworking it to finally bring it to life.

Design, creative forming by hand; touching and feeling the material and the shape. Especially with sculptures, all the senses are engaged. How does it look? How does it feel? How does it sound and smell? These are not only questions that the odd observer may ask, but also questions that the creator asks him/herself again and again. Due to my inclination towards working fast and intuitively, in the past I have mainly chosen soft materials that are quick to process, such as Ytong and various natural materials. These materials are characterised not only by their softness and the resulting speed with which you can work with them, but they also belong to those warm materials which can only be properly perceived by touching them. This property bestows a special radiance which in the finished works can not only be felt, but also seen. Each irregularity and imprecision makes the finished work something very special and lively and makes it stand out from the norm.